A. The areas of cooperation include, subject to mutual consent, programs, projects and or activities undertaken by either of the parties and which are felt desirable and feasible as being undertaken in collaboration with the other party, or that both sides contribute to fostering and development of the cooperative relationships between the two parties.

B. The parties can mutually pursue activities or programmes such as those listed hereunder provided that this list shall not be construed as having been exhaustive for purposes of defining the scope of cooperation between the parties hereto:-

i. Joint football scouting programs

ii. Joint Corporate Social Responsibilities activities

iii. Joint organisation of conferences, workshops, events and seminars,

iv. Joint development of a mentorship program,

v. Development of short term courses for targeted groups,

vi. Training and Capacity Building,

vii. Undertake joint consultancies, and

viii. Joint advocacy and sensitisations awareness of issues of interest to both institutions.

C. The Parties will work together to mobilize resources through training, programs and materials developed under this MoU to fund the operations and delivery of the objectives of this MoU. D. The Parties will jointly design and develop work plans, strategy as well as coordinate and implement projects, programs and activities that advance the realization of the objectives set out under this MoU.